Hallo, wir sind Karli und Tanja.

                                 My name is Tanja and I am from Germany and my husband is from Summerville. We are living in Charleston.


We don’t have any children yet, but if we do, we want them to grow up bilingual. Growing up learning more than one language makes a lot of things much easier for children, including learning more languages. It also helps children understanding different cultures, which is essential in today’s globalized world.


I searched the internet to find a German school in the greater Charleston area. To my surprise I didn’t find anything. No German school in an area that is home to a lot of German businesses!? This was when I first thought of starting a German School in Charleston. A couple of months later I met Karli who had the very same idea. We decided to work together and are now zealously planning on opening a German School in Charleston.  


If you want your children to know your native language,  to learn a second language or have resources to share, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to connecting with you!

My name is Karli and I am a parent, librarian and German language lover.

​The dream to open German School Charleston comes from my love of German language and culture, and a desire to teach my own children the language. I moved across the country to Charleston in the spring of 2018 and immediately began researching German resources in the area. I was disappointed that I could not find what I needed, so I decided to create it!​

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German School Charleston